GESF: Labester wins Master League EA FC 24 in Heart-Stopping Final

The Master League EA FC 24, orchestrated and funded by the Ghana Esports Federation and led by its able President Igor Boumekpo, turned out to be a thrilling spectacle this year, drawing an impressive lineup of 22 highly skilled young gamers. The event took place at the Madagastar Esports Arena in Accra, offering a platform […]

The President of the Ghana Esports Federation, Igor Boumekpo, has been invited to the World Phygital Summit 2024 in Turkey.

This prestigious global event will bring together leaders and innovators in both physical and digital sports (phygital sports) to discuss and shape the future of this rapidly evolving industry. The Ghana Esports Federation, under Boumekpo’s leadership, has recently achieved significant milestones, including official recognition from the National Sports Authority as the governing body for esports […]

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