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for esports in Ghana

We always have the Bigger Picture in mind.

A Long-term picture with the goal of developing more Ghanaian esports talents in the future.

Strategic Plan for Esports Development.

This is designed to boost the confidence of the Ghanaian public toward esports. Since its inception globally and locally, many perceptions about the esports industry has been thrown around which are neither accurate nor well-informed.

Center for Africa Esports Excellence.

Ghana is striving to become the hub of esports in the West African region. As a country with a population of more than 13 million gamers, our country has the best potential to lead the development of esports in the region.

State and Nation Esports Tournaments.

Esports in Ghana is disorganized. There is an absence of structured professional and nonprofessional tournaments, as well as the absence of distinct guidelines for sorting players into categories and tiers based on their abilities.

Who we are

Ghana's First Strategic Plan to Esports Development

Ghana Esports Establishment

Convince the private sector the fully embrace esports, ease event organizers' labours in organizing esports events and tournaments in the country as well as serve as a reference for all government agencies. The plan is an outcome of the contributions of several stakeholders through engagement with all stakeholders, this plan is assured to reach its ideal target group and function.

What we offer

Raising public confidence towards the local esports industry.

Growing Esports.

The population of esports amongst the youth is increasing, not only in developed nations such as South Korea, Sweden, and the USA but also developing and middle-income countries within Africa and Asia.

Monitor the growth.

Esports as an important youth engagement platform, sports and recreational genre as well as a major entertaiment industry that can be incorporated into government policies.

Strategic Plan.

Esports development aims to bring legitamcy to the local esport industry designed to ease concern of various stakeholders and encourage the public to invest in esports, physically, financially and/or mentally.

Correct Concerns

There are many concerns shared about the esports industry some which include gambling, parent disapproval, sustainability of an esports career and the involvment of under aged players in highly commercial competitions, all these issues raised must be tackled swiftly in order to ensure the study growth of the industry.

Transition Programs.

Establich a database for veteran athletes. Conduct workshops for veteran athletes. Collaboration with esports academies to enable better athletes to nurture young talents. Endorse and support veteran athletes to venture into esports related jobs such as game monitoring, event managements, team managements, journalism and streaming.

Yearly Program.

GeSF will run a yearly program of esports education workshops for athletes to understand their duty as an athlete. The athlete must also understand their rights are protected only if they perform their task as a player in a team/organization.

We are here because you are.

Ghana Esports Federation

The Ghana government must monitor the application of endorsement from the organization. it includes liasing with the government to obtain the flag-off for athletes and teams.

Program and facilities partnership

Role of women participation in esports

Awareness campaigns that enforce
the idea that esports is for all.

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