British-Ghanaian Olympic Marathon Swimmer Alice Dearing visits Ghana Esports federation. (Gesf)

British-Ghanaian Olympic Marathon Swimmer Alice Dearing Alice visits Ghana Esports federation.

In a move of bridging the worlds of traditional sports and esports, British-Ghanaian Olympic marathon swimmer Alice Dearing recently paid a visit to the Ghana Esports Federation. The purpose of her visit was to forge connections, explore alignment, and garner support for the burgeoning Esports scene within the region.

The president of the Ghana Esports Federation, Igor Boumekpo, assured Dearing and her team that GESF is ready for collaboration.

Igor said, “Ghana’s relationship with Britain has evolved since its independence, and despite its small population, Ghana has become one of the most successful West African countries, and Esports can’t be left out.”

Dearing, who notably sits on the advisory board of the British Esports , brought her wealth of experience and insight to the table as she engaged in discussions with the federation. Her visit was marked by a palpable sense of enthusiasm and optimism as she sought to not only understand the landscape of esports in Ghana but also to identify opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Together, let us write the next chapter of success and excellence in Ghanaian and British Esports!

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