Ghana has grown from one stage to the other.

Ghana has grown from one stage to the other, where we will sit around the older ones for some good story telling, or engage in communal games with friends and loved ones. Where we will engage in games with our neighbors, friends and family, from the “pilolo”, to the stay and co.. “zanzama”, chemp3.. all these helped build our psychosocial abilities which made us fit in well today. I remember “chaskele” being my favourite, where for some strange reason, I never ported a can and always had to run around. But the children of today will not know “chaskele”, will they? or “ampe”, they will not know how we had to find ways to swerve our parents or complete our house chores fast enough to meet the guys outside for “pilolo”.

This is because, times have changed. Where players who wished they were the ones on the pitch, kicking the ball, or on the courts throwing those three pointers, or even being the coach of a team now have their dreams come true just in the comforts of our homes or stations. This time, we too play a part on the results of the game.

The introduction of esports started slow, where only few folks had access to video games at certain centres or only the rich had it in their house. I remember a day when the young me was not spending my lunch money just to save enough to go play video games after school, till my mother found out one day what I was doing. Fellow Ghanaians, You can all imagine how that day ended.

Indeed, we have come a long way, the E gaming industry is one of the biggest in the world, a multibillion-dollar industry cannot be overlooked and some school of thoughts even say “esports might gradually rub shoulders with the physical sport.” I mean, who ever thought we will need an E service called VAR, to tell us whether that was a penalty or not. Scared and exciting at the same time, this has become a shared industry where many countries are contributing to, for global recognition and economic growth and Ghana shall not be an exception.

With representations in 13 out of the 16 regions currently in Ghana, Esports is here now and here to stay, from game development, global competition participation, industry standardization, safe interest and an attractive investment channel for the present and future.

To make the moderation of this industry world class, competitive, attractive and standardized, The Ghana Esports Federation was formed. A vision of very key persons who endlessly pursued this agenda with sacrifices beyond explanation. From travelling around the world just to absorb what esports really is, to entering the local towns and city corners just to study how gaming is taken seriously in the country by citizens of all ages. An agenda that started in 2014, and we are here today, officially under the Ghana Sports Authority.

For this reason, every country will need some key personalities or bodies to assist in making this dream come true and at the start of this wonderful journey, allow me introduce you to some key personalities who are present here today. (I introduce the president and vice president).

Together as one, we have the vision To hold the esports world cup by the year 2037

And a mission to be a 1st class Federation in Africa by regulating, participating and partnering all esports activities in Ghana and beyond.

We shall, as the official Esports Federation in Ghana now, regulate and develop the Esports Industry here in Ghana.

These actions will include building a detailed data base of all video gaming activities in the country, from our gamers and game centers, to associations, to tournaments etc….in and outside the country.

To build interests and grow this industry, a very adequate and substantial analysis, together with monitoring shall be effected and this will be possible only with true and accurate data.

The federation shall be committed to creating a standardized, structured, fair, and dynamic esports ecosystem, with improvements to activities related to the industry. From using the best of technology, implementing the best of regulations, ensuring a very friendly and safe atmosphere for all to engage.

We as a federation also have the goal to align with all associations in and outside the country on requirements for operations and partnerships.

The distribution of licenses to Esports active operators will help ensure these structures are adhered to and these licenses and recognition will be shared with Esports vendors, Teams, Agencies, Foreign with local associations, and individual stakeholders with interests of operation in this sector.

In fact, why have a tournament with 100 participants, with just 2 consoles when with the help of the federation, you can have 20 or a better expert advice on execution.

As evidence of our progress, we proudly highlight our recent achievements at the All-African Games, where our athletes brought home two silver medals in FC24 and E-football. These accolades serve as a testament to the dedication and talent that permeates our community, fueling our resolve to strive for even greater heights.

These are good signs and we will not stop until the world is brought to our homes.


In closing, I extend a heartfelt invitation to each and every one of you to join us on this remarkable journey. For in unity lies our strength, and it is only through our collective efforts that we will achieve our shared vision. The Ghana Esports Federation is not merely an organization; it is a reflection of you, a reflection of me, a reflection each and every one of us, —a testament to our passion, our resilience, and our unwavering belief in the power of play.


Together, let us seize this opportunity to shape the future of esports in Ghana and beyond.

Ghana E-Sports, we say, development, growth, and skills