Heads of Federations Honors The Invitation from the Ministry of Youth and Sports

E-Sports Following an invitation from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, met the Minister of Youth and Sports on January 12, 2024, to deliberate on the upcoming 13th African Games.

The discussions, centered around the inclusion of demonstration sports, underscored the potential benefits that sports activities, particularly esports, would get upon the successful completion of the project.

Hon. Mustapha Yussif expressed contentment with the ongoing work and praised the team for their hard work.

One major aspect of the meeting involved the minister’s active engagement with the federations.
The minister emphasized the necessity of approaching the forthcoming game with the utmost seriousness.

Furthermore, he took a moment to acknowledge and congratulate the President of the Republic, H.E. Nana Addo, for his instrumental role in ensuring the realization of this significant sporting event.

The minister’s encouragement and recognition underscored the collective commitment of various facets to the success of the 13th African Games, with the E-sports Federation included.

The growing importance of the E-sports federation’s endeavors indeed has a broader impact on the national scale.

The meeting also included a comprehensive tour of the facilities earmarked for the 13th African Games.

The 13th African games are expected to be held in Ghana between8 and 23 march in three cities, Greater Accra, Ahanti region, and Central region.