William Parker wins the first ever FC24 tournament in Ghana.

  William Parker has been crowned FC24 Champion on the game’s debut in Ghana. The tournament was held from October 28 to October 29, 2023. The two-day event saw 32 participants in each of the days, with one winner emerging, respectively.  The event, which was organized under the supervision of the Ghana Esports Federation, […]

Esports drafted into the 13th African Games

The 13th African Games have drafted electronic sports (E-sports) as one of the demonstration sports for this year’s events, dubbed ”Accra 2023. E-sports was high on the agenda of demonstration sports for the Accra 2023 event, and through a review done by the newly constituted Technical Committee for the African Games, it has been drafted. […]

President of E-sports Federation Ghana Arrives In Senegal

Esports Federation President, Igor Boumekpo, has arrived in the capital of Senegal ahead of the inaugural Esports Constitutive General Assembly. The President of the Federation arrived late in the afternoon ahead of the event scheduled for September 24, 2023. Ahead of the major showdown, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has expressed their support for […]

Esports Federation President to attend African Constitutive General Assembly

  The President of the Ghana Esports Federation, Igor Boumekpo, will attend the first-ever Constitutive General Assembly to be held in Senegal this month. The event, organized by the National Committee for the Promotion of E-Sport (CONAPES) and supervised by the Ministry of Sports – Senegal, aims to establish a Pan-African Confederation for E-Sport and […]