Esports drafted into the 13th African Games

The 13th African Games have drafted electronic sports (E-sports) as one of the demonstration sports for this year’s events, dubbed ”Accra 2023.

E-sports was high on the agenda of demonstration sports for the Accra 2023 event, and through a review done by the newly constituted Technical Committee for the African Games, it has been drafted.

This is a major breakout for the E-sports Federation, which has enormously contributed to every aspect of the sports and its growth.

E-sports will debut at the 13th African Games as one of the sports codes for the continental games.

The newly constituted Technical Committee for the African Games meticulously reviewed the technical aspects of the games and included E-Sports in one of its categories.

At the inaugural meeting attended by the President of the E-sports Federation, Igor Boumekpo, and the chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Dr.Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, a presentation of the proposed codes was made which categorized E-Sports as demonstration sports.

Sambo, teqball, speedball, mixed martial arts, and e-sports are the five demonstration sports announced in the meeting.

The inclusion of E-Sports at the African Games will serve as a major breakout for the greater growth of E-Sports in Ghana and Africa.